2012 Stroller Comparison

Feb 28, 2012

Strollers are absolute necessities for busy families on the go.

And thanks to the marriage of form and function, families can now choose strollers that include special positioning components for children who need postural support while sitting or reclining.

Like all strollers, these stroller-style manual wheelchairs are designed to be pushed by a parent or caregiver. And just like their retail counterparts, they also include conveniences such as easy disassembly/folding, storage space and canopies.

The strollers in this comparo are arranged alphabetically by manufacturer or distributor name, and by the name of the stroller. Information is provided courtesy of the stroller manufacturers or distributors.

"Disassembles" refers to how the stroller disassembles to be transported or stored - e.g., how the stroller folds and whether or not the seat is removable from the frame.

"Seating Position" refers to whether the child in the stroller faces forward or rearward (toward the caregiver).

"Storage" refers to the availability and location of storage space on board the stroller.

Stroller models and data are listed as space permits, and some information - particularly the positioning components available - may be edited for space considerations. For some models, additional sizes and options are not listed here, but are available from the manufacturer.

Our Stroller Comparo was created to give parents and caregivers a "starting point" when learning about these specialty wheelchairs. For more information on a specific stroller, please contact your local home medical equipment or complex rehab technology supplier, or the stroller's manufacturer or distributor.


Clarke Health Care Products
(Distributor of Patron TOM Maxi)
(888) 347-4537


Innovation In Motion
(Distributor of Ormesa New Bug)
(260) 665-2769

Otto Bock Healthcare
(800) 328-4058

Pacific Rehab
(Distributor of Hoggi Bingo)
(888) 222-9040

Quantum Rehab
(866) 800-2002

Stealth Products
(800) 965-9229

Sunrise Medical
(800) 333-4000

Xplore Mobility
(888) 575-9225