Charitable Resources

The Mobility Project is not a charity, but we still get lots of questions about how to find mobility equipment, including wheelchairs, that is free, given as a loaner or sold at a reduced price. The following list contains charities that have given such equipment in the past and might be able to help you today. Please reach out to these organizations directly to inquire about their processes for assistance. The Mobility Project is not affiliated with these charities, does not endorse these charities and cannot answer any questions regarding their practices.

Bridge Disability Ministries
(425) 885-1008

Chariots of Hope

The Darrell Gwynn Foundation

Independence First Mobility Store

The Kids Equipment Network

Kids Mobility Network

LifeNets Wheelchair Project

Roll With It

UCP Wheels for Humanity
(818) 255-0100

Variety the Children's Charity

Wheelchair Foundation
(877) 378-3839
(925) 736-8234