Tilt & Recline

Quantum Rehab

TRU-Balance 3

TRU-Balance 3

  • An innovative design to maximize independence while providing an appealing look and feel.
  • Configurations include 12" iLevel power adjustable seat height, power tilt, power recline, power articulating foot platform, static seating and manual recline.
  • iLevel is available on the Edge 3, Q6 Edge 2.0, Q6 Edge Z, and Q6 Edge 2.0 X; 10" of safe seat elevation is offered on the 4Front.
  • Offer higher weight capacities and expanded seating sizes.
  • Configurations with a 450-lb. weight capacity include HD power tilt, HD power recline, and static seating.


  • (800) 800-8586


Amy Seat

Amy Seat

  • Complex power positioning solutions for all your needs, including standard and custom seating systems.
  • Each component is designed, engineered, produced and distributed from Amylior’s local facility to eliminate discrepancies in the final products.
  • Seating solutions are of the highest quality and are backed by a comprehensive warranty.
  • Dedicated customer service and tech support professionals can help to configure even the most complex seating.
  • Designs interface seamlessly with most rehab power bases, while offering a multitude of modules to choose from.


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