Kids & Teens

Kids are unique – and they deserve unique technology designed especially for them. Created by engineers with plenty of kid intervention, these products were shaped by the lifestyles of today's kids and teens.


TiLite Pilot

TiLite Pilot

Watch your kid soar in the ultralightweight TiLite Pilot. The Pilot has built-in forward growth adjustment to grow with your child and maintain optimal rear wheel access. This gives kids the most efficient propulsion possible without needing to adjust or relearn their push mechanics. A clean frame design features a seat pan and side panels with easy access to the adjustment bolts, making changes simple and intuitive. The ultralightweight design and carbon fiber frame panels make the Pilot 50-percent lighter and a breeze for kids to navigate. Quick-release wheels and transit tie-downs mean that transporting the Pilot is also simple for Mom and Dad.

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Stealth Products

Diego Pediatric Seating

Diego Seating

This modular wheelchair seating system grows with children and was designed especially for pediatric users. The Diego features head positioning, a contoured back, fixed or swing-away laterals, and a contoured seat. CoolCore four-way-stretch covers on the seat and back wick away moisture and facilitate evaporation to keep kids more comfortable.

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Raz Design



  • Features a smaller footprint that’s perfect for pediatric, adolescent and smaller adult clients.
  • The base and seat frames retain the 18" width of the Raz-AT commode chair so the Raz-CAT can still be positioned over a toilet.
  • Base frame is shortened 3" to make the chair more maneuverable.
  • A depth-adjustable back offers depths from 12" to 15" (to front of frame) or up to 17" with the front of the seat overhanging the seat frame.
  • The standard seat has an elongated aperture to work with seat depths of 12-15", and custom seats are available.
  • The Raz-CAT has 40° of tilt and a 250-lb. user weight capacity.

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Circle Specialty

Klip Gait Trainer

Klip Gait Trainer

  • Available in five versions and in different sizes: two-wheeled with crutch tips; four-wheeled; four-wheeled with flip-up seat; four-wheeled with 8" outdoor wheels; and four-wheeled with 8" outdoor wheels and flip-up seat.
  • Features a unique foot-activated swivel wheel with an audible “click” that enables easier, safer and greater control.
  • Accessories offer individualized assistive support and are easily added or removed as walking skills evolve.

  • (718) 943-6452


JUNIOR Cushion

JUNIOR Cushion

  • Comfortable, stable foundation for exploration and adventure.
  • Lightweight multi-stiffness foam promotes immersion, stability and positioning, while the washable, water-resistant cover lets kids be kids.
  • Each cushion features a VARILITE self-inflating valve for quick and easy adjustments.
  • Designed specifically for children using anthropometric data, the VARILITE JUNIOR line features a full range of size-appropriate seating and positioning items to support children in their mobility devices, allowing them to go where their imagination takes them.

  • (800) 827-4548


Enzo Wheelchair

Enzo Wheelchair

  • This new pediatric “transitional” chair features a stable folding frame (with a rigid frame option), TRU-Comfort seating, and a range of bright trim colors.
  • Offers 45° posterior tilt, with an optional 5° anterior tilt.
  • The axle position is adjustable, and Enzo also has adjustable depth clamping seat rails and adjustable height clamping back canes.
  • Choose from push-to-lock, hub lock, or drum brakes, as well as numerous wheel and caster choices.
  • 185-lb. weight capacity, with seat depths of 11-20" and seat widths of 12-18", and a seat-to-floor height of 13.5-20".

  • (844) 503-5437

Clarke Health Care Products Inc.

Marcy Walker

Marcy Walker

  • This lightweight, aluminum framed walker for children features individual height- and width-adjustable handles.
  • Highly maneuverable frame is designed to roll easily with all of the child’s movements.
  • Features EVA tires (150 mm for sizes 0 and 1, and 200 mm for sizes 2 and 3), and sizes 2 and 3 can be folded for easier transport and storage.
  • Options such as hand brakes, slow-down friction brakes, forearm pads, and a storage basket can be added according to each child’s needs and preferences.

  • (888) 347-4537


Bantam Updates

Bantam Updates

  • Offers sit-to-stand action that can combine the option of supine positioning to create infinite positioning possibilities: 90-90 sitting, fully vertical standing, full supine lying, and any point in between.
  • New flat and curved lateral options now available across the entire Bantam line of standers!
  • Lateral supports can provide excellent midline positioning for children with limited trunk control.

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