Gait Trainers

Products to help with balance, standing and walking for consumers of all ages, sizes and ability levels.

Inspired by Drive

Moxie GT Gait Trainer

Moxie GT Gait Trainer

  • Available in three sizes and is height adjustable in 1" increments.
  • A directional lever enables the gait trainer to provide forward/backward or forward-only mobility.
  • All four casters have wheel locks, and swivel casters can be locked in a non-swivel position.
  • Optional accessories include hand loops, forearm platforms, handgrips, seat harnesses, trunk support and hip positioner and pad.

  • (800) 454-6612

Kaye Products

Posture Control Walker/Gait Trainers

Posture Control Walkers/Gait Trainers

  • Enables walking with support at the back/posterior of the body.
  • Accessories and components can provide weight-bearing assistance and specific positioning of the trunk, pelvis, legs, arms and heads as required by the child.
  • Designed to make walking less energy consuming and to improve alignment and maximize a user’s potential for walking.
  • Available in six sizes for toddlers through adults; all models fold for storage.

  • (919) 732-6444




Flexibility, growth, ease of use

  • An anterior/posterior gait trainer that provides proper positioning and support for children as they learn stepping/walking.
  • Provides excellent upper-body support and adjustable angle positioning for forward tilt in the anterior configuration and full upright support in the posterior configuration.
  • Positioning accessories are available for children who need extra support, and are removable as their walking skills progress.
  • The center spar is dynamic and helps mimic the natural up and down movement in walking.
  • Comes in four sizes suitable for children and young people.

  • (888) 266-8243

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