Customize My Ride

It’s your ride — show the world how you roll! From making a statement to making your days more efficient, these mobility accessories and options will make your ride unique.

Altimate Medical Inc.

Adjustable Shadow Tray

Adjustable Shadow Tray

  • New shadow tray for the Evolv line is adjustable in height and depth.
  • Covers the entire usable height and depth range of the six previous shadow tray options it is replacing.
  • Designed to comfortably support the user, the tray provides constant anterior support throughout the sit-to-stand transition to “shadow” the user in any position between sitting or standing.
  • Retains the popular flip-up operation that quickly moves it out of the way and provides a wide-open base for transfers.
  • Available in a black-molded or a clear acrylic style.
  • (800) 342-8968

Diestco Manufacturing Corp.

Folding Safety Flag

Folding Safety Flag

  • Provides increased and improved visibility for consumers on the go.
  • Simple installation: It mounts to vertical tubing on manual wheelchairs (or on scooters and power wheelchairs, too!) and easily folds down below the individual’s head when clearance is an issue.
  • The safety flag can be removed from the mount altogether when the mobility device is being transported in a vehicle.
  • The flag pole, extended, is 52" long.

  • (800) 795-2392


Seksi Spokes

Seksi Spokes

  • Wrap over spokes of 23cm (9 inch) length and smaller.
  • 72 Seksi Spokes in a package.
  • Available in 8 vibrant colors.
  • Choose matching colors for a stylish look, or contrasting colors, for a fun, colorful look.

  • 011-370-64883198

Jazzy Electric Wheelchairs

WeatherBreaker Canopy

WeatherBreaker Canopy

  • Great for people who regularly use their mobility aids outdoors and require protection from harsh winds, hot sunlight, and drenching rainfall.
  • Choose a standard canopy for basic protection, or select a set with vented sides or removable drapes to enjoy a comfortable crossbreeze during your travels.
  • Canopy fits any wheelchair or scooter. The canopy itself is generic, but the mounting kit will vary slightly depending on the make and model of your wheelchair or scooter.

  • (800) 790-5523

ALZO Digital

Alzo wheelchair camera mount

Wheelchair Camera Mount

  • Heavy duty, all metal adjustable camera attachment device.
  • Mount any camera on a wheelchair or any post up to 2 inches diameter.
  • Includes a Super Clamp, an ALZO Flex Arm, and an ALZO Camera Flipper.
  • Able to support up to 8 pounds.

  • (800) 582-7009


wheelchair tire covers

Sportaid Wheelchair Tire Covers

  • Protect your floors from whatever contaminants and debris the tires may rub off.
  • Avoid the spread of black tire marks once the tire covers are applied.
  • Using these tire covers make gloves obsolete during indoor use too. Using soft nylon material allows time for your hands to heal when not pushing outdoors.

  • (800) 743-7203

Wheelchair Pals

penguin arm rest

Wheelchair Pals

  • Designs include: Bunny, Dalmatian, Duck, Frog, Hippo, Lion, Monkey and Penguin.
  • Fully adjustable -- designed for arm rests less than 12" long.
  • Can be washed with a soapy sponge and air dried.

  • (734) 558-2525

Advantage Bag Company

wheelchair under seat bag

Under Seat Bag

  • An under seat net designed to work with the Rigid Sports Wheelchairs.
  • Offers 6 point attachment for a secure fit.
  • Can be attached to the frame under the seat upholstery or any lower attachment sight.

    E Z Mobility Products and Accessories

    wheelchair pads

    Wheelchair Incontient Pads

    • Handmade incontinent pads, menstrual pad, wheelchair pad, bed pad, chair pad, sofa pad, carseat pad, changing pad.
    • 25x33
    • Choice of 1 waterproof heavy weight soaker pad