Customize My Ride

It’s your ride — show the world how you roll! From making a statement to making your days more efficient, these mobility accessories and options will make your ride unique.


Visi-BAG mobility backpack with cane/crutch holder

Visi-BAG mobility backpack with cane/crutch holder

  • Fits wheelchairs, scooters and rollators!
  • High visibility panels and wide reflective strips arranged strategically to command maximum awareness by the user in all seasons and weather conditions.
  • Made from 600x600D heavy duty polyester the ‘Visi-BAG’ is robust and shower proof


    MyOn HC with twion Power Assist

    MyOn HC with twion Power Assist

    • Superior driving performance with patented H-frame folding mechanism.
    • Delivers assistance in forward, reverse and turning.
    • Can be configured to accept either standard 24" cross spoke wheels or Alber’s twion power-assist wheels.
    • (800) 333-6900

    Kenda USA

    Koncept wheelchair tires


    • Excellent all purpose road tire as well as sports tire.
    • Iron Cap (90% more puncture protection)
    • Low Rolling Resistance
    • Great acceleration and cornering characteristics

    • (614) 866-9803


    Wheelchair Spoke Guards

    Wheelchair Spoke Guards

    • Lightweight colorful "hubcaps" designed to fit over your wheels.
    • They attach to your wheel's spokes with easy to use Velcro straps. 
    • Personalize your wheelchair with your style. Many different sizes and styles are available, as well as custom artwork built just for you!


      Incontinence Wheelchair Cushion Covers

      Incontinence Wheelchair Cushion Covers

      • Specifically designed for the elderly and disabled that suffer from moderate to serve incontinence.
      • Comfortable unique stay-put design that is durable, with discreet protection for wheelchair cushions of all sizes.
      • Can be washed and dried in commercial settings.

      • (888) 251-4378

      Beyond Independence

      Wheelchair Spinners

      Wheelchair Spinners

      • Add a little flash and personality to your wheelchair.
      • Made of high quality, lightweight aluminum.
      • Cut in any two-dimensional shape and painted any color that you can dream of.

        Wheelchair Pals

        Wheelchair arm rest padding

        Wheelchair Pals

        • Designs include: Bunny, Dalmatian, Duck, Frog, Hippo, Lion, Monkey and Penguin.
        • Fully adjustable -- designed for arm rests less than 12" long.
        • Can be washed with a soapy sponge and air dried.

        • (734) 558-2525


        On The Go Wheelchair Water Bottle and Mobile Phone Holder

        On The Go Water Bottle Holder

        • For use on different types of cycles, strollers and wheelchairs.
        • When using on a wheelchair, the width of the chair is unaffected.
        • Includes an expansion pocket for a water bottle and a pocket for cell phone, camera or wallet.
        • Made from durable wet-suit material.

        • (847) 621-7000

        Bodypoint, Inc.

        Tri-Lock Kits

        • These rail or tube midline joystick mounting kits support optimal access with economical convenience.
        • Independent users can swing the lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum arm away/back to a preset position for all-day success.
        • For more stability, the rotating shaft can convert to automatic locking with a hidden flip-stop for caregiver-assisted release.
        • A height-adjustable mounting clamp holds up to 30 lbs.
        • (800) 547-5716

        Trilliam LLC.



        • Many different designs to show your personality, fashion and have fun!
        • Non-adhesive and temporary.

          Diestco Manufacturing Corp.

          Weather Chaps

          Weather Chaps

          • Now your legs, feet, and waist will stay warm and dry.
          • Removable fleece lining provides extra warmth and easy cleaning.
          • Waist strap buckles around your chair.

          • (800) 795-2392

          The Wright Stuff, Inc.

          Third arm wheelchair cup holder

          Third Arm Cup Holder

          • Supporting device is versatile and works like an extra hand.
          • Velcro strap accommodates different sized cups and bottles.
          • Easy to use clamp secures holder to flat, round, square, surfaces.
          • Just bend the flexible arm and position the holder anywhere, enabling the user to simply access their beverage or item.

          • (877) 750-0376

          Spinergy Inc.

          ZX-1 Power Add On

          ZX-1 Power Add-On Device

          • Converts virtually any manual wheelchair into a powered manual chair.
          • No tools or assistance to attach and detach from the device.
          • Joystick Controlled Device allows for ease of operation and is an intuitive device to learn and operate.
          • Has the ability to operate on a variety of surfaces including; gravel, hard pack, rocky terrain, thick grass, etc.
          • Weighs only 82 lbs. and fits underneath the wheelchair.

          • (303) 823-6299

          Wheelchair Gear

          Slice Jr. Mini Pack

          Slice Jr. Mini Pack

          • Large zippered storage compartment carrying what you need within your reach. 
          • No more fumbling in pockets or grasping with homemade carrying devices.
          • Velcro straps on the back attaching your Mini Pack to your wheelchair is quick, easy and secure.
          • High quality 1200D/PVC material in Camo or Black.

          • (609) 653-6787


          Wheel Brightz spoke lights

          Wheel Brightz

          • Make your wheels glow with a circle of spinning light!
          • 20 Micro LED lights create a ring of brilliant color that is sure to turn heads and grab attention.
          • Mix and match to create your own color combo.
          • Fits wheels 20" or larger.

          • (419) 517-0049

          ROHO, Inc.

          ROHO MOJO Designer Wheelchair cushion cover

          ROHO Mojo Desiner Cover

          • Personalize your cushion with the unique style to show case your personality!
          • 80% Nylon, 20% Lycra top cover, Snap closure
          • Fabric styles include: tiger, kaleidoscope, musical magic, on the beach, my teddy bear, watercolor, zebra and camouflage.

          • (800) 851-3449

          210 Innovations

          Tab Grabber

          Tab Grabber

          • Enables wheelchair users the interactive experience of a tablet computer or eReader without having to hold the unit.
          • Unique swivel head will adjust to any orientation for optimal viewing and interactive positioning.
          • Designed to mount to round tubing up to 1 1/8” diameter.

          • (860) 445-0210

          Advantage Bag Company

          Catch-All Too wheelchair bag

          Catch-All Too

          • An under seat net designed to work with the Rigid Sports Wheelchairs.
          • Offers 6 point attachment for a secure fit.
          • Can be attached to the frame under the seat upholstery or any lower attachment sight.

            Wheelchair Solutions

            Wheelie Backs

            Wheelie Backs

            • Seat back covers, designed with style & comfort in mind.
            • Specifically designed for armless wheelchairs.
            • Select from a number of fabric styles, patterns and colors.
            • Bring style and comfort to your wheelchair.


            • (800) 839-6577


            Wheelchair Grippers

            Wheelchair Grippers

            • Molded silicone boots that are placed around the hand rim.
            • Provides additional comfort and grip, helping to improve maneuverability of a wheelchair.
            • Robust design also helps to protect furniture from bumps and scrapes.