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Golden Technologies



  • Features the all new and exclusive Power Pillow. T
  • The power pillow is and built-in powered adjustable head/neck-positioning system.
  • Easily recline the chair and then adjust your head position with the touch of a button.
  • (800) 624-6374

Comfort Company

Halo ALC

Halo ALC

  • Prevents lateral mattress movement and dangerous gap spaces that can cause entrapment.
  • Promotes mobility and increases environmental independence for consumers using bed sizes up to queen size.
  • A universal height adjustment system accommodates different mattress and box spring heights.
  • 500-lb. weight capacity.

  • (800) 564-9248

Clarke Health Care Products Inc.

Safety Glo

Safety Glo

  • Thanks to a subtle glow-in-the-dark feature, the Safety Glo is easy to locate at night.
  • Any time of the day, the bedrail helps users to reposition or transfer into and out of bed, or to stand.
  • It fits single to king-sized mattresses, and installs without needing tools.
  • The glow feature recharges via room or window light, but isn’t bright enough to disturb sleep.

  • (888) 347-4537

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