Auto Accessibility

Accessibility solutions include wheelchair-accessible vehicles, driving controls operated by hand, accessible seating and more technology aimed at helping mobility users on the road.

Pride Mobility Products

Commander 450

Commander 450

  • This newly engineered, exterior powered boom-style lift provides a user-friendly lift for pickup trucks.
  • The fast-loading/unloading Commander 450 has a 450-lb. lifting capacity for heavier power chairs and scooters, and it’s available in 2- and 3-axis configurations.
  • The lift is designed to be durable, with the ability to lift and lower mobility devices to the ground over the truck’s tailgate.
  • Features a standard single-seat post or 4-point seat post carabiner kit, telescoping mounting brackets, and a waterproof push-button hand control.

  • (800) 800-8586


WHILL Securement

WHILL Securement

  • Q’Straint’s QLK-150 bracket is now available to secure the WHILL Model M power wheelchair and Model A personal mobility device inside automotive vehicles.
  • The QLK-150 is “iQ certified,” meaning it’s passed Q’Straint’s crash test — which is on par with the automotive industry standard of 30 mph/20Gs.
  • Q’Straint ran the WHILL devices through a series of real-life user obstacles, including various types of terrain, to make sure the Q’Straint bracket interface didn’t interfere with the WHILL devices’ functions and maneuvers.

  • (800) 987-9987

AMF-Bruns of America

eFutureSafe Anchorage System

eFutureSafe Anchorage System

  • Allows customized head, back and neck adjustments.
  • Can withstand 15G rear collision forces and 20G frontal collisions.
  • Easy to install, move and clean.
  • When it’s not in use, it can be turned inward toward the vehicle wall to save space inside the vehicle.
  • The system can be side mounted or floor mounted, and it’s compatible with AMF-Bruns restraint systems.
  • It’s a system that gets wheelchair users back on the road in comfort and safety.

  • (877) 506-3770

Vantage Mobility International

Chrysler Pacifica

Chrysler Pacifica

With plenty of interior space, interchangeable seating and an in-floor ramp, the wheelchair-accessible 2017 VMI Chrysler Pacifica minivan combines style with function. Inside, the Pacifica conversion offers 360° of maneuverability so even large wheelchairs can turn around. Front seats are interchangeable and can function in the driver’s and the front passenger’s space. The door is 30" wide, and there’s 59" of headroom. This Pacifica features PowerKneel suspension, a hydraulic system that lowers the van for easy entry. The Pacifica is available in four models with various options packages.

  • (800) 348-VANS

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