Atlanta Student Wins Accessible AMS Van

Kendra Allen, a student at Athens Technical College in Athens, Ga., has been awarded a wheelchair-accessible minivan for winning an essay contest sponsored by the Aimee Copeland Foundation, AMS Vans and Friends of Disabled Adults & Children (FODAC).

Allen, a business technology major, wrote about the challenges of growing up with cerebral palsy. Now that she has an accessible van, Allen can use her power chair at school and when in the community. Previously, she had to use a manual wheelchair while away from home because her family’s car could not accommodate her power chair.

The 2012 Honda Odyssey minivan was donated by Aimee Copeland, and AMS Vans provided $7,500 worth of reconditioning. AMS Vans will also provide free oil changes and tire rotations for as long as Allen owns the vehicle.

Copeland lost both hands, her right foot and her left leg after contracting necrotizing fasciitis following a ziplining accident. Her foundation raises funds “to build and run an inclusive wellness park and holistic therapy center” in Atlanta.

Vantage Mobility International acquired AMS Vans, with offices in Atlanta, Houston and Phoenix, in 2017.