Darrell Gwynn Foundation Forms New SCI Council

The Darrell Gwynn Foundation, which supports spinal cord injury (SCI) research, has formed a new advisory council to better serve people with SCI.

“This is a very special and important council we’ve established,” said Dr. Lisa Gwynn, co-founder of the Darrell Gwynn Foundation. “It’s very important for us to get even more people involved in the foundation who are living with paralysis to offer their perspective as well on how we can best help the spinal cord injury community we are committed to serving.”

The council includes individuals and families living with SCI and other forms of paralysis as well as medical professionals. Members will offer first-hand experience and opinions to the foundation.

The foundation hopes the committee will help develop and implement new programs, provide advisement on published materials, including the Darrel Gwynn Foundation Web site, and represent the foundation at events.

The members are as follows:

  • Bob Abdellah – board chair, Board of Directors, Darrell Gwynn Foundation
  • Dr. Stephen Olvey – board member, Darrell Gwynn Foundation; director, Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit/Jackson Memorial Hospital
  • Dr. Lisa Gwynn – co-founder, Darrell Gwynn Foundation; medical director, Pediatric Mobile Clinic Program; assistant clinical professor of pediatrics
  • Micah Moreno – program services coordinator, Darrell Gwynn Foundation (staff chair)
  • Ryan Gebauer – SCI survivor, DGF Education & Prevention Program speaker
  • Alan T. Brown – SCI survivor, director of public impact, Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation
  • Sabrina Cohen – SCI survivor, DGF Education & Prevention Program speaker; founder, Sabrina Cohen Foundation
  • David Johnson – parent of SCI survivor
  • Dr. Claudiu Nelersa – SCI survivor; DGF Wheelchair Donation Program recipient; postdoctoral associate, The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis
  • Justin Stark – SCI survivor; director, Florida Spinal Cord Injury Resource Center