iStroll Kid Anchors iPad to Strollers

iStroll Kid logoA new product in development would enable parents to attach iPads to strollers and wheelchairs to help children use educational apps while on the go.

The iStroll Kid, which recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to start production, was originally designed to attach only to strollers. The original design was expanded to also fit wheelchairs when the designers started getting feedback from parents.

"What really excites me most about this project is how much we can all help kids who rely on tablet computers to improve their quality of life," said Christian Souza, inventor of the iStroll Kid. "The feeling that something like this will help a special needs child is truly the best feeling in the world. With the help of our funders via Kickstarter, we hope to make this project a reality."

Visit Kickstarter for more information.