U.S. Paralympics Names 2013 National Swimming Team

Sixteen athletes have been selected for the 2013 U.S. Paralympics Swimming National A Team. Eight of the athletes are recent gold medalists from the London 2012 Paralympic Games, including U.S. Paralympic SportsWoman of the Year Jessica Long who won eight medals in nine events.

Five other athletes were also named to the National B Team.

“We are hoping to see the number of athletes who make both the national team and emerging team grow toward the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, plus increase the number of developmental athletes we identify,” said Queenie Nichols, high performance director for U.S. Paralympics swimming. “We plan to have several emerging and developmental camps across the country to help increase the strength of Team USA over the next four years.”

Team USA begins the 2013 season April 4-6 in Minneapolis, Minn., with the CanAm Championships, where athletes will compete for spots at the International Paralympic Committee Swimming World Championships, slated for August in Canada.

2013 National A Team


  • Victoria Arlen, Exeter, N.H., S6/SB5/SM6
  • Kelley Becherer, Sheboygan, Wis., S13/SB13/SM13
  • Cortney Jordan, Henderson, Nev., S7/SB7/SM7
  • Jessica Long, Baltimore, Md., S8/SB7/SM8
  • Rebecca Meyers, Timonium, Md., S13/SB13/SM13
  • Noga Nir-Kistler, Allentown, Pa., S6/SB5/SM6
  • Susan Beth Scott, Cape Girardeau, Mo., S10/SB9/SM10
  • Elizabeth Stone, Grand Rapids, Mich., S9/SB8/SM9
  • Mallory Weggemann, Eagan, Minn., S7/SB6/SM7


  • Tucker Dupree, Raleigh, N.C., S12/SB12/SM12
  • Rudy Garcia-Tolson, Riverside, Calif., S8/SB7/SM7
  • Lantz Lamback, Augusta, Ga., S7/SB7/SM7
  • Roy Perkins, Del Mar, Calif., S5/SB4/SM5
  • Ian Silverman, Baltimore, Md., S10/SB9/SM10
  • Brad Snyder, St. Petersburg, Fla., S11/SB11/SM11
  • Justin Zook, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., S10/SB9/SM10

2013 National B Team


  • Anna Eames, Golden Valley, Minn., S10/SB9/SM10
  • Anna Johannes, Alexandria, Va., S9/SB8/SM9
  • Colleen Young, St. Louis, Mo., S13/SB13/SM13


  • Cody Bureau, Latrobe, Pa., S9/SB9/SM9
  • Joe Wise, Menlo Park, Calif., S10/SB9/SM10