Lilly Offers Tools to Help People Understand Health Information

A National Assessment of Adult Literacy survey reports that two in five American adults have difficulty understanding health information and services that are vital to making the right health decisions.

Based on this report, Lilly, a pharmaceutical manufacturer, decided to take action to help improve health literacy.

"The widespread but often unrecognized public health challenge of health literacy serves as both a warning and a call to action," said Dr. Jack Harris, vice president of Eli Lilly and Company's U.S. medical division. "Overcoming health disparities is a transformational and important journey. At Lilly we are working to develop communication and health education that connects with patients in a way that's meaningful and understandable."

The company teamed up with health literacy experts to create new standards to ensure that its patient communications and resources adhere to health literacy principles. As part of the initiative, Lilly has populated a Web site with educational resources such as “Eating to Feel Your Best,” “Being Active to Feel Your Best” and other tools. Resources are available in English and Spanish.