NIH Launches New Web Site for Senior Drivers

Senior DriverThe National Institute on Aging at the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have teamed up to help families answer the important question, Is it still safe to drive?

The new online resource for older drivers offers information about how aging might affect driving, including physical changes and safety issues. In addition, seniors can find strategies for coping when driving skills change.

"No matter how experienced the driver, getting older can limit an individual's reaction time in emergency situations. That's why it makes sense for older drivers to sharpen their skills and learn ways to help adjust for age-related changes in vision, hearing and response time," said David Strickland, NHTSA administrator. "Taking the necessary precautions to avoid potentially hazardous situations is one way older drivers can keep their independence — and drive safely while doing it."

The site also provides refresher courses and information about vehicle safety, regulations that affect older drivers and alternative means of transportation. Large print and opened-captioned videos help make the information easy to see.