New Law to Provide Jobs for Veterans With Disabilities

The Veterans Skills Jobs Act, recently signed into law by President Obama, will create more opportunities for veterans with disabilities say representatives of Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Specifically, the law will enable veterans to attain accreditation and be more competitive in the job field sooner after discharge. The law is part of new efforts to decrease unemployment rates among the nation’s veterans.

“This law levels the playing field for veterans who, instead of going to college or attaining certifications after high school, joined the military,” said Sherman Gillums, associate executive director of veterans benefits for Paralyzed Veterans of America. “For example, the service of an avionics technician who attained her certification on an airfield in Iraq will now have the same merit as the experience of electronics mechanic working for a major airline.”

The bill requires federal licensing authorities, which issue licensing in areas such as maritime, telecommunications and aerospace, to consider military training when veterans apply for occupational licenses on the federal level. The act will eliminate redundant training among former military personnel.

Although the law applies only to federal licensing authorities, several states, including Washington, Virginia and Utah, have already passed laws requiring licensing boards to consider military training.