Scooter Supplier Simplifies Medicare With Infographic

Medicare agrees with you: Medicare is confusing. That’s why the provider of resources for scooters and power wheelchairs created an infographic that puts the program into simpler terms.

Using statistics from sources such as, the graphic follows the story of Linda, a retiree who is soon to turn 65, as she learns about Medicare, examines her other options and makes a decision.

"At first, we wanted to start educating seniors on how Medicare affected their options with mobility assistance," said Teck Wong, Web site manager. "We quickly realized that Medicare is so intricately layered, many had a hard time understanding even the basic parts of the program, let alone its relationship with power chairs. When we couldn't find a simple, attractive explanation elsewhere we decided to make our own."

The infographic explains Medicare Parts A through D as well as supplemental insurances such as Medigap.

Download the infographic here.