Parkinson Society Canada Introduces Parkinson's Disease Guidelines

Parkinson Society Canada has released the first Canadian Guidelines on Parkinson's Disease to help provide consistent diagnosing and treating. The guidelines, which were published in the July issue of the Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences provide clinical advice based on published evidence and expert consensus.

Written in collaboration with neurologists and movement disorder specialists, the 84 recommendations are geared toward family physicians, neurologists and other healthcare professionals. Recommendations are provided on pharmacological therapy, surgery, sleep disorders and autonomic dysfunction treatment, among others.

"A tool was needed so that all healthcare providers who treat people with Parkinson's in Canada have a clear idea on how best to help individuals manage their disease,” says Dr. David Grimes, director of the Ottawa Hospital's Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Clinic and editor of the guidelines. “The guidelines are meant to improve the standard of care and access to care for people with Parkinson's in all regions of Canada."

Find the guidelines online here.