Spencer West Reaches Peak of Mount Kilimanjaro

Spencer West on mountain

Spencer West, who has double amputations, reaches Mount Kilimanjaro’s peak. He also raised more than $500,000 for Free The Children.

The peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, the largest mountain in Africa, was no match for Spencer West who lost both of his legs at the age of 5. In June, he completed the climb using his hands and a wheelchair.

"I set out to climb Mount Kilimanjaro not only to redefine what's possible for me, but to inspire others to overcome obstacles and challenges of their own, and to give back to communities that need our help," West said.

West began the eight-day climb on June 12 with his friends David Johnson and Alex Meers. He raised more than $500,000 for Free The Children, which will provide sustainable clean water programming to Kenya.

West was born with sacral agenesis, a genetic disorder that causes spinal deformities.

Watch video messages from West. Read his blog here.