Sunrise Medical Updates Electronics, Motors on Quickie Power Wheelchairs

Sunrise Medical, a manufacturer of manual and power wheelchairs and other mobility products, has added PG Drives Electronics and Linix motors to the Quickie S-646 SE and Quickie P-222 SE Group 4, rear-wheel–drive power wheelchairs.

“We’re thrilled that our entire Quickie power wheelchair portfolio now features the same simple electronics and reliable Linix 4-pole motors,” said Dan Critchfield, product manager. “This reduces complexity for all involved, while increasing overall chair performance.”

Users will now be able to operate tilt and power legrests with a four-way toggle switch. The PG Drives Electronics provide more complex programming for multiple drive profiles or specialty controls. The Quickie wheelchairs now also include assignable buttons so that commonly used functions can be assigned to available buttons on the joystick.

In addition, the Quickie S-636 BC (no power options) and SC (single power option) models—Sunrise’s Group 3 power wheelchairs—can be ordered with a heavy-duty, 5-mph, high-torque motor rated up to 400 pounds. An optional motor package upgrades the standard Quickie S-636’s top speed of 6.5 mph to 8.5 mph.