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‘The Intouchables’ Hits Theaters

The Intouchables movie posterOn May 25, the Weinstein Company released “The Intouchables” to audiences in New York and Los Angeles. The film explores life with spinal cord injury.

“The Intouchables” is based on a true story of a young man with a criminal record who becomes a caretaker for a French aristocrat who has quadriplegia from a paragliding accident. The French aristocrat is a risk taker and chooses the caregiver for his irreverent and outlier qualities.

What ensues is a journey for both characters. The film tackles sensitive subject matter with nonstop humor.

Some highlights of the film:

  • The caregiver accidentally pours hot tea water on the aristocrat and is shocked that the aristocrat doesn't feel it. So he continues to pour water on him to satisfy his curiosity.
  • The caregiver drives recklessly in the aristocrats’ Maserati and is chased by police. The aristocrat then fakes convulsions as part of his “condition” and gets a police escort to the hospital.
  • The caregiver doesn't think his bosses’ power chair goes fast enough, so he brings it to a shop to crank it up.
  • Dressing, bathing and morning toilet procedures for the aristocrat are fully explored with humor.

The film, set in Paris, is produced in French with English subtitles.

Find out more about the film and watch a trailer here.

Information compiled by Karen Cavallo,’s publisher and a supporting member of the Palm Springs Film Festival.