Call to Action

Contact Your Local Rep Regarding ADA Amendment Today

The American Association of People With Disabilities has reported that the House will consider an amendment today that would prevent the Department of Justice from ensuring that public pools are fully accessible as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The organization is urging people to contact their local representative by either calling their office or submitting a letter online.

The American Association of People With Disabilities offers these talking points:

  • Swimming pools are not a luxury; they are part of American life. Every family deserves the chance to enjoy vacations together without leaving a child, spouse or parent behind just because they have a disability.
  • People with disabilities have the same rights as everyone else to use swimming pools.
  • Backtracking on the ADA is never acceptable. We cannot roll back civil rights for any group.
  • The ADA was signed into law 21 years ago. Swimming pool owners have had decades to come into compliance.
  • The final regulation language and the accessibility standards have been out since September 2010, so the pool owners have had 18 months to comply.
  • When installing a fixed lift is not readily achievable —for instance because the existing structure will not fit a lift—the ADA does not require it. Pool owners will not be subjected to impossible standards.

Submit your letter online here.