Film Reel

Two New Movies Explore Mobility Conditions

“I Am a …” Short Film Targets Spina Bifida

The national charity Shine wants people to understand the importance of folic acid in preventing birth defects such as spina bifida. As part of the Go Folic! Campaign, the organization has released a one-minute film called “I am a …” that stars Anna Hodges who is the mother of 7-year-old Thomas who has spina bifida. The organization hopes the story told through a mother’s eyes will convince more women to take folic acid before conception. Watch the film here.

"The Magic of Belle Isle" Explores Life of Author Who Uses Wheelchair

The Catalina Film Fest will open with the film "The Magic of Belle Isle" during its May 4-6 festival. Morgan Freeman plays an author who uses a wheelchair and has been battling alcoholism. He relocates to a rural town where he befriends a single mother, played by Virginia Madsen, and her three kids, who help him find inspiration for writing again. Watch the trailer here. The movie will be in theaters July 6.