‘Only Abilities Matter’ PSAs Features Eric LeGrand and John Larroquette

The Kessler Foundation wants to share a message about people with abilities. That’s the inspiration for the organization’s latest public service announcements (PSAs) and Facebook campaign.

The newest PSAs feature Eric LeGrand and John Larroquette. LeGrand, who was injured while playing football for Rutgers University in 2010, has returned to college to pursue a career in sports broadcasting. Actor Larroquette was inspired by Kessler’s 2011 PSAs, which feature actor Daryl "Chill" Mitchell who uses a wheelchair after sustaining an injury in a motorcycle accident.

The PSAs began airing on U.S. televisions in March.

The organization is also collecting stories about people’s abilities through its Facebook page. In June, the Kessler Foundation will feature these "abilities" stories on its homepage.

"People with disabilities represent the largest minority group in the nation," said Rodger DeRose, the Kessler Foundation’s president and CEO. "These are extremely talented individuals who are often marginalized because of what people think they can't do instead of what they can do. At Kessler Foundation, we understand that everyone has limitations, but we find ways to compensate and discover new abilities."