BraunAbility Providers Recognized for Customer Service

Newby Vance Mobility

Employees from Newby-Vance Mobility in Guthrie, Okla., show off their Ralph Braun Signature Award.

The Braun Corporation recently awarded its Ralph Braun Signature Award to six BraunAbility dealerships across the nation. Each dealership was recognized for outstanding service based on feedback from 2011 customer satisfaction surveys.

The winners were

  • M.C. Mobility – Dayton, Ohio
  • Siebert Mobility – Grimes, Iowa
  • Mobility Works – Albany, N.Y.
  • Newby-Vance Mobility – Guthrie, Okla.
  • Ride-Away Handicap Equipment – Tampa, Fla.
  • Absolute Mobility Center – Tacoma, Wash.

"In an industry where customer support and confidence is absolutely crucial, these dealerships have gone above and beyond in meeting their customers' needs and building lifelong relationships with them," said BraunAbility President Nick Gutwein.

The Mobility Project asked Jim Newby, the owner of Newby-Vance Mobility, to explain what makes his business tick. Newby says it's his inclusive business model.

"This means that all mobility and vehicular needs, even body shop services, are delivered within a singular business environment," says Newby, of his company, which is physically located in an automotive dealership featuring Ford, General Motors and Chrysler new car franchises. "Our customers do not have to travel between mobility and vehicle stores and businesses to have their needs met, and as such, they are treated just like anyone else."

In response to receiving the award, Newby says, "As a platinum BraunAbility dealer, Newby-Vance Mobility believes that its leadership philosophy parallels and supports that of Mr. Braun himself. When you have a situation wherein a dealer and manufacturer have supportive business and customer service philosophies and practices, the result is a Benchmark in performance."