Is Your City Retirement Ready?

Aging ChecklistA checklist from the World Health Organization is making it possible for seniors to evaluate their city to see if it is retirement ready.

The checklist offers an evaluation of urban design to ensure seniors who now have or might eventually have unique mobility requirements have what they need. The checklist covers features such as nonslip sidewalks wide enough for wheelchairs and pedestrian crossings with longer crossing times.

Other items to consider include

  • Pavements have dropped curbs to road level
  • Pedestrian crossings heave nonslip markings and visual and audio cues
  • Buildings are well-signed outside and inside, with sufficient seating and toilets, accessible elevators, ramps, railings and stairs, and nonslip floors
  • Specialized transportation is available for people with disabilities
  • Priority parking and drop-off spots for people with special needs are available and respected
  • Home modification options and supplies are available and affordable, and providers understand the needs of seniors
  • Sufficient and affordable housing for people with disabilities and seniors with appropriate services are provided locally
  • Venues for events and activities are conveniently located, accessible, well-lit and easily reached by public transport
  • Events are held at times convenient for seniors
  • An adequate range of health and community support services is offered for promoting, maintaining and restoring health
  • Health and community service facilities are safely constructed and fully accessible.

The checklist is available for download here.