Conquest Adds Adventure to Wheelchair-Accessible Auto Options

Conquest trikeFidgeting in your chair at the thought of purchasing a minivan? The makers of the Conquest recognize your need for adventure and offer a slightly different wheelchair conversion: an adapted motorcycle.

The Conquest is geared toward users with partial disabilities, namely those with paraplegia, although some riders have quadriplegia. It features an electronic ramp that allows the rider to roll right into the motorcycle and remain in the wheelchair while driving the bike.

Production starts with a “donor bike” from BMW that is powered by a BMW R1200R engine, says Brian Austin, national sales manager for Mobility Conquest, the US distributor in Akron, OH. The donor bike is then modified with an aluminum subframe, which is fitted to the strengthened BMW frame. The subframe houses a limited slip differential with a built-in reverse gear, direct drive and half shafts, flooring with a wheelchair docking device, and electronic components. A fiberglass body is molded to the subframe to give the Conquest its trike appearance.

Features include a passenger seat, 6-speed conventional clutch with klicktronic operation, interior storage and light, an antiroll bar and hand controls. Austin says the bike meets rigorous safety testing, has a top speed in excess of 100 mph and is suitable for everyday use.

“The Conquest creates excitement at every venue it appears in,” Austin says. “The Conquest has been to major motorcycle rallies such as Sturgis South Dakota, Daytona and the Milwaukee Rally. We have riders in 10 different countries including the United States.”

Customization isn’t a problem either because the Conquest accepts style and functionality changes just like two-wheeled motorcycles, Austin says.

In typical biker speak, Austin offers this advice for first-time buyers: “Prepare yourself for a life-changing experience.”

Conquest was first developed in the United Kingdom in 2007 and has been available in the United States since 2009. For more product information, click here.

Conquest trikes at Mount Rushmore

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