Kessler Names New Assistant Director of Stroke Rehabilitation Research

The Kessler Foundation, an organization that focuses on research for spinal cord injury, stroke and multiple sclerosis, has selected Mooyeon Oh-Park, MD, as the assistant director of Stroke Rehabilitation Research. Oh-Park assumes the inaugural position in February 2012.

According to Anna Barrett, MD, director of the Stroke Rehabilitation Research Laboratory, Oh-Park's expertise complements the laboratory's translational work in cognition and visual perception.

"Dr. Oh-Park has invaluable experience investigating the impact of mobility problems on function in aging," said Barrett. "She is an inspired leader who can help us grow as a team." The foundation's stroke research focuses on often unnoticed disabilities such as aphasia, a communication disorder in which the brain has difficulty processing language, and spatial neglect, an impairment of the ability to accurately recognize objects in three-dimensional space. Oh-Park's research will look at aspects that affect mobility and biomechanics.

"Functional recovery after stroke depends on multiple domains, including cognition, visual perception, movement strategies and biomechanics," said Oh-Park. "At Kessler Foundation, I intend to study how each domain affects the others. The opportunity to collaborate with Kessler Foundation's other laboratories will spur advances that will improve rehabilitation after stroke."