Meet Rosana and Her Service Dog Domino

Rosana and DominoRosana Farve, of Joshua Tree, Calif., started looking into service dogs when she was 16 years old. In 2003, she participated in her first team training and received her first service dog, a yellow Labrador retriever named Boo. After Boo retired this year, Rosana went to team training with Canine Angels Service Team, where she was matched with Domino, a male chocolate Labrador retriever.

“Domino, my second dog, helps me walk by supporting me when I hold on to the handle on his harness,” explains Rosana.

Domino also assists Rosana when she falls or climbs stairs or curbs, and retrieves dropped items.

Although Rosana has been around dogs her entire life, her first service dog, Boo, had a dramatic effect on her day-to-day living. Not only did her life get easier, Boo helped Rosana become a public speaker.

“My former physical therapist asked me to talk to a group of disabled teens about my dog,” Rosana says. “After that I was talking to students, churches and organizations. It really helped them to understand what service dogs do, and I helped them understand what it’s like to be a disabled person.”

For those interested in getting a service dog, Rosana says having a dog is not easy and will require responsibility, care and a lot of time.

However, the rewards are greater than the responsibility. Rosana says that the greatest reward about having a service dog is the love and bond she shares with Domino.

“Domino helps me live independently, and he is a great companion.”

Rosana’s diagnosis is cerebral palsy.

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