Golden Health Guide Addresses Seniors and Caregivers

Golden Health Guide, a new Web site specifically addressing seniors and their caregivers, provides ratings and reviews of home medical products. Tapping the knowledge of eldercare experts and everyday users, the company details some of the most common senior purchases, such as walkers and tub seats, and plans to continue expanding the number of products covered. Its mission is to empower mature adults and caregivers to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Golden Health Guide outlines general features to consider when selecting among the growing product offerings on the market, and also provides in-depth information about specific products. Readers learn how each item rates along important criteria such as safety, durability and comfort. Golden Health Guide also features price comparisons, so individuals can save time and money when shopping for themselves or for a loved one.

The company was born out of the need for objective information to help individuals evaluate the quality of products for seniors.

While caring for her aging grandmother, Golden Health Guide CEO Laura Goodman Mitchell noticed a void when searching online for clear information about home medical products from independent sources. Mitchell explains, “All home medical products are not created equally. As more people go online to research and make their purchases, I envisioned a resource to help these individuals better understand what is out there, particularly when safety is at stake.” Golden Health Guide President Seth Burstein added, “Increasingly, people are thrust into caregiving situations without prior knowledge of this equipment, and must rely on sources that sell the same products they are recommending. Golden Health Guide bucks that trend.”

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