Statewide Survey Examines Views of Seniors, Baby Boomers on Aging

VirginiaA recent statewide survey of 5,000 Virginians shows that baby boomers think their communities are unprepared for aging baby boomers.

The 2011 Virginia Age Ready Indicators Benchmark Survey found that both older Virginians (65 years of age and older) and baby boomers (50-64 years) report a high quality of life and feel their personal quality of life is significantly higher than others in the community. However, baby boomers said the quality of life of today's seniors is lower than their own.

The survey also showed that

  • Older Virginians feel more prepared to navigate the challenges of aging than do baby boomers. Sixty-eight percent rated themselves as prepared or very prepared, compared to 54 percent of baby boomers.
  • Only 23 percent of baby boomers believe their community is prepared to meet the needs and lifestyles of an older population, while 42 percent of older Virginians say their communities are prepared.
  • Twenty-seven percent of baby boomers and 19 percent of older Virginians say they are not prepared financially for retirement.

The survey, conducted by Older Dominion Partnership (ODP), included Virginians 50 to 105 years of age. The interviews were conducted by telephone as well as online during the summer of 2011 and include feedback from each of Virginia’s 25 area Agencies on Aging.

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