BraunAbility Infographic: 3.3 Million Wheelchair Users in America

A new infographic created by Braun Ability, a manufacturer of wheelchair-accessible vehicles, shows 3.3 million wheelchair users in the United States, with an additional 10 million using walking aids, such as a cane or walker.

Using data gleaned from sources including the U.S. Census, the colorful infographic includes information on a number of disabilities, along with statistics that suggest the impact that disabilities can have.

For instance, the infographic shows an unemployment rate of 14.5 percent for people with disabilities versus 9 percent unemployment for people without disabilities.

On the positive side, BraunAbility noted that 98 percent of transit buses were equipped with ramps as of 2007. In 1995, just 62 percent of transit buses had ramps.

Access the infographic here.

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