VGM Releases Guide to Explain Home Medical Equipment

Does everything about home medical equipment — from product definitions and functions to funding and medical justifications — seem confusing and stressful? 

"Know Your Options, A Guide to Home Care Products and Home Accessibility," published by The VGM Group, seeks to provide education and help at this critical time. 

"Know Your Options" starts by explaining what to expect when you begin the home medical equipment purchasing process. The guide defines various types of home medical equipment (explaining, for instance, the different types of power chairs and their options) and illustrates how home medical equipment can fit a range of needs and lifestyles. Also included is a home modification guide that describes how various rooms can be made more accessible.

The idea for the comprehensive guide came from VGM’s CFO/CIO Mike Mallaro, who says inspiration struck when he and his wife were planning a kitchen remodel and visited Home Depot.

“I stumbled upon a planning guide for kitchens they had done,” Mallaro recalled. “It was a wonderful booklet that covered everything from assessing your needs, to determining your budget, to selecting materials, to keeping on track with the project.

It had lots of information and explanations but also lots of great pictures of different options for a kitchen. I thought, ‘We need to make something like this for home medical equipment.’ Our creative team took this general idea and ran with it to create this guide. Mary Avenanti led our efforts.”

Mallaro saw parallels between a home remodeling and the landscape for buying home medical equipment. Consumers “are usually unaware of their options. They get overwhelmed; it can be confusing and frustrating… We wanted this guide to be a valuable resource for aging seniors and those who care for the disabled and the frail elderly. We wanted to communicate to people that they have options, that assistive devices can improve the quality of life, that there are things you can do to make a home more livable, that HME doesn’t have to be cold or carry an industrial look and that their local, community-based provider can help make life at home a little better.”

For more information on the Know Your Options Guide, click here.