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Quest 88

Excelerator Handcycle

Excelerator Stock Handcycle

  • Easy to transfer in and out of, making it a very practical alternative mobility device as well as a recreational cycle.
  • The 7-speed Shimano hub, with reverse braking, means your hands never have to leave the pedals
  • Tri-pin quad hand pedals are a popular option for those who have impaired hand function.

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Worksman Cycles

Worksman Family Dual Chariot MVFC-3CB

Worksman Family Dual Chariot

  • Super Sturdy with Drum Brake and Three Speed Coaster Brake.
  • Heavy duty Worksman Stretch Mover Design.
  • Dual rear captain seats with fold down armrests (not shown), dual lap-belts (not shown).

  • (800) 962-2453

Van Raam

OPair wheelchair bike


  • Wheelchair user / passenger sits in the seat on the front side of the cycle.
  • Uuniversal tub can be adjusted in many ways.
  • A separate seat can also be mounted, if required.
  • Rider can watch over the passenger and has a good view of the road.
  • Gradually sloping front wheels give the cycle extra comfort and stability while riding.

  • +31 (0)315 - 25 73 70

Freedom Concepts

ET2611 Tandem

ET2611 Tandem

  • Allows a parent or friend to propel the bike, with the option to turn the front pedals on or off, allowing the front rider to get a workout until they get tired.
  • Even if they aren’t pedaling, the front rider gets to enjoy all the benefits of bike riding, from the social aspect, to the simple feeling of the wind whipping against their face as they roll down the street.

  • (800) 661-9915

Mobility & Access, Inc.

The DUET Wheelchair Bicycle Tandem

The DUET Wheelchair Bicycle Tandem

  • Accommodates "kids" from ages 2 to 99+ and all sizes from 20 to 275 pounds.
  • Offered in 3 models. Each are colorfully designed and combined the latest in cycle technology with advanced wheelchair design enabling easy and comfortable pedaling to ensure maximum maneuverability with minimum effort.
  • The wheelchair's low center of gravity provides superior weight distribution and overall stability.

  • (844) 562-8034

Livingston Products, Inc.


Freedom Trax

  • Tears through all terrain and weather conditions: snow, mud, gravel and sand.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion 24 Volt Battery included with purchase of any FT model.
  • Control in the palm of your hand. Cutting edge joystick that turns on a dime.

  • (847) 808-0900

Altimate Medical Inc.


EasyStand Glider

  • User’s arms move the glide handles, and that motion is reciprocated in the legs, resulting in a motion similar to cross-country skiing.
  • Active standing combines increased lower-extremity range of motion and upper-body strengthening while bearing weight.
  • Available in two sizes (medium and large) and fits users from 4' tall to 6'2" tall and weighing up to 280 lbs.

  • (800) 342-8968

Invacare Top End

Top End NRG

Eliminator NRG Racing Wheelchair

  • Top End’s fastest, lightest, stiffest and most responsive ride for elite racers.
  • A carbon fiber main frame provides increased tensile and yield strength for a smooth ride and controlled handling.
  • 200-gram full carbon fork features an aerodynamic design that flows into the headtube, creating clean lines for a sleek appearance.
  • A tailored and fitted hybrid cage allows athletes to fine tune their positioning, so they can optimize their power transfer to the ground.
  • A new and improved racing compensator improves turning radius and zero-play confidence.

  • (800) 532-8677


Motivation Multisport

Motivation Multisport

  • A premier entry-level, court-based wheelchair tough enough to be used across a wide range of sports and activities, including basketball, tennis and lacrosse.
  • Ideal for individual use or by multiple athletes at schools, clubs or community sports programs.
  • These durable chairs utilize two sport mini caster wheels at the front and one sport anti-tip wheel in the rear to provide good maneuverability on multiple court surfaces.
  • The chairs use common wheel and bearing sizes and have also been designed so that parts are easy to replace or repair.
  • (877) 876-5332

Mobility Direct (U.S. distributor)



  • Invented by Swiss wheelchair user and outdoor enthusiast Patrick Mayer, Wheelblades offer chair users greater access in snowy conditions.
  • Attach to front casters of manual chairs; the greater width distributes the user’s weight and propulsion energy over a greater surface area to keep casters from sinking into the snow.
  • Two tracking channels on the underside compresses snow to ensure stability.
  • Can be easily and quickly attached to front wheels measuring 1.8 to 6 cm wide (approximately .71" to 2.36" wide).
  • Check out or Wheelblades’ American distributor for more information.
  • (877) 914-1830

Aqua Creek Products



The Mobi-Chair is a floating beach wheelchair that provides a seamless transition from boardwalk-to-beach-to water. Wheelchair users, children and adults with special needs can benefit from the convenience, portability and comfort of the Mobi-Chair for leisure time and entertainment during your vacations at the beach, at lakes or even in swimming pools.
  • (888) 687-3552

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