Seating & Positioning

Appropriate seating and positioning can enable you to be more comfortable in your wheelchair for longer periods of time while accomplishing more activities such as getting ready in the morning and doing household chores.

Motion Concepts

MPS Mini Maxx — Multi-Position Power Standing System

MPS Mini Maxx

  • Combines a power standing function with a full range of power positioning solutions, all in a compact design that offers your smallest users a unique combination of independence, function and accessibility.
  • Offers 45° of CG tilt, 165° of recline/ESR (Extended Shear Reduction), and 7" seat elevation with Mini Power Articulating Belt Drive Center Mount Foot Platform.
  • Now available exclusively on the ROVI A3 power base through Motion Concepts.
  • (888) 433-6818

Motion Concepts



  • Can accommodate Motion Concepts’ full line of innovative power positioning products plus Invacare Matrx seating.
  • Features the Active Ride Control Suspension System; a narrow 25.5" base width and 36.5" base length; a turning radius of 20.5"; 4-pole EAD motors; 3" ground clearance; a 17.7-mile range; and a 6.2-mph top speed.
  • Use the ROVI A3 as the foundation for up to 50° of CG tilt, 170° of recline, and nearly 12" of seat elevation via Motion Concepts’ modular seating systems.
  • And the Multi-Position Standing Maxx System gets users vertical.
  • (888) 433-6818

Quantum Rehab

iLevel Power Chairs

iLevel Power Chairs

  • Improves daily functionality and quality of life by allowing operation of the power chair with the seat elevated up to 12" (10" on the Q6 Edge HD) while operating the chair at speeds up to 4.5 miles per hour.
  • Patented Extra Stability Technology enhances safety for transfers, reach, and numerous other activities of daily living and provides a smooth and stable ride.
  • Available on the Edge 3 Stretto, Edge 3 and numerous other Quantum power bases. Retrofittable on the Edge 3 and Q6 Edge 2.0.
  • Weight capacity of 300 pounds (400 lbs. on the Q6 Edge HD).
  • Front and rear LED fender lights come standard with iLevel.
  • (800) 800-8586


Alltrack M3 with Custom Standing

Alltrack M3 with Custom Standing

  • Unsurpassed dual-action suspension system that includes a six-wheel interactive suspension and vertical shock absorption, this standing module provide the highest stability, great traction and optimal user comfort.
  • Programmable Plug & Play e-bx controller uses iQ actuators to retain seating settings.
  • Transitioning from seating to standing is smooth with great positioning through the full range of movement.
  • (888) 453-0311

Stealth Products

UniLink Mounting

UniLink Mounting

  • Stealth Products has taken its “The World’s Best” (TWB) hardware and simplified it into a single unified line.
  • Most UniLink adjustments can be made using just one tool: a 4mm hex wrench.
  • All UniLink elements are compatible with each other, and all systems use the same link option and three size options: 1.5" (3.81cm), 2" (5.08 cm) or 3" (7.62cm).
  • Stealth calls UniLink a “unified ecosystem” that’s interchangeable.
  • ATPs can build nearly limitless positioning components while offering improved strength — UniLink provides four times the strength of the TWB family of products. Kits include Pelvic/Thigh, Trunk, Elbow Stops, Head, and Back systems.

  • (800) 965-9229

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