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Stealth Products

ADI Backs

ADI Backs

  • Ergonomically designed to encourage proper posture.
  • To ease the strain on the lower back during long, active days in a wheel chair, ADI backs more equally distribute forces through the pelvic base of support.Good support naturally results in less pain.
  • Available in carbon fiber or aluminum and provide maximum stabilization of the trunk during propulsion to reduce energy loss.
  • Can also help to deter the progression of postural deformities and can facilitate upright sitting.
  • Coolcore technology covers are now standard.
  • (800) 965-9229

Symmetric Designs

Free Form Custom Seating

Free Form Seating

  • Provides a custom wheelchair seating solution that will change as a person’s weight fluctuates, as they develop a need for more or less support, and as young people grow.
  • A dynamic custom seating system that can be fitted and changed anywhere and at any time.
  • All adjustments are made with a single tool.
  • The system is perfect for accommodating scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis and most complex postural shapes.
  • Free Form Back Kits provide everything needed to fit a custom-molded backrest in one session.
  • Back kits range in size to fit wheelchairs from 12" to 24"
  • (800) 537-1724

Sunrise Medical (US) LLC

JAY J3 Plus

JAY J3 Plus

  • Designed to specifically address the pelvic and trunk stability needs of the bariatric client, the J3 Plus Backs (coded E2614) can accommodate up to 500 lbs. in widths of up to 26".
  • Utilizing the popular J3 back shell, the Plus is available with either TH 2-point or FS 4-point hardware.
  • Available exclusively on the mid thoracic shell and features an optional lower vanity shell extension that can pivot to accommodate redundant tissues, allowing proper positioning without interference.
  • The upper section of the back has a 2.2" deep contour to provide for non-restricted movement while still supporting the user.
  • (800) 333-4000

Motion Concepts

Matrx E2 Back Series

Matrx E2S/E2D

  • The new Invacare Matrx E2 Back Series features hardware upgrades, new Ripple Foam technology, and a full line of accessories for the best fit, support and comfort.
  • Airflow channels provide breathability and temperature control.
  • Compact MiniSet hardware (standard, fixed, heavy-duty) is available on E2 models up to 16" high.
  • Height-/width-adjustable Mounting Pin Interface provides a quick and easy setup.
  • Ripple Foam provides temperature and moisture control and enhances immersion.
  • Accessories include BackBone PSIS support, PostureFlex Abdominal support, and Chest Harness interface.
  • (888) 433-6818

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