Customize My Ride

It’s your ride — show the world how you roll! From making a statement to making your days more efficient, these mobility accessories and options will make your ride unique.


Seksi Spokes

Seksi Spokes

  • Wrap over spokes of 23cm (9 inch) length and smaller.
  • 72 Seksi Spokes in a package.
  • Available in 8 vibrant colors.
  • Choose matching colors for a stylish look, or contrasting colors, for a fun, colorful look.

  • 011-370-64883198

Jazzy Electric Wheelchairs

WeatherBreaker Canopy

WeatherBreaker Canopy

  • Great for people who regularly use their mobility aids outdoors and require protection from harsh winds, hot sunlight, and drenching rainfall.
  • Choose a standard canopy for basic protection, or select a set with vented sides or removable drapes to enjoy a comfortable crossbreeze during your travels.
  • Canopy fits any wheelchair or scooter. The canopy itself is generic, but the mounting kit will vary slightly depending on the make and model of your wheelchair or scooter.

  • (800) 790-5523

ALZO Digital

Alzo wheelchair camera mount

Wheelchair Camera Mount

  • Heavy duty, all metal adjustable camera attachment device.
  • Mount any camera on a wheelchair or any post up to 2 inches diameter.
  • Includes a Super Clamp, an ALZO Flex Arm, and an ALZO Camera Flipper.
  • Able to support up to 8 pounds.

  • (800) 582-7009


wheelchair tire covers

Sportaid Wheelchair Tire Covers

  • Protect your floors from whatever contaminants and debris the tires may rub off.
  • Avoid the spread of black tire marks once the tire covers are applied.
  • Using these tire covers make gloves obsolete during indoor use too. Using soft nylon material allows time for your hands to heal when not pushing outdoors.

  • (800) 743-7203

Wheelchair Pals

penguin arm rest

Wheelchair Pals

  • Designs include: Bunny, Dalmatian, Duck, Frog, Hippo, Lion, Monkey and Penguin.
  • Fully adjustable -- designed for arm rests less than 12" long.
  • Can be washed with a soapy sponge and air dried.

  • (734) 558-2525

Advantage Bag Company

wheelchair under seat bag

Under Seat Bag

  • An under seat net designed to work with the Rigid Sports Wheelchairs.
  • Offers 6 point attachment for a secure fit.
  • Can be attached to the frame under the seat upholstery or any lower attachment sight.

    E Z Mobility Products and Accessories

    wheelchair pads

    Wheelchair Incontient Pads

    • Handmade incontinent pads, menstrual pad, wheelchair pad, bed pad, chair pad, sofa pad, carseat pad, changing pad.
    • 25x33
    • Choice of 1 waterproof heavy weight soaker pad


      REV Wheels

      REV Wheels

      • The pull-based propulsion of REV Wheels is designed to minimize factors that can contribute to shoulder injury and pain in manual wheelchair users.
      • Offers two models: The REV-HX was created for quickness and responsiveness, while the REV-LX was made to be easier to use.
      • Both models can strengthen shoulder and back muscles that are neglected during standard self-propulsion.
      • Covered via insurance, including Medicare, Veterans Affairs and private insurance funding.

      • (608) 268-9670

      Diestco Manufacturing Corp.

      Monster Bag

      Monster Bag

      • Straps over a scooter or wheelchair seat back to provide 1.65 cubic feet of storage space for textbooks and school supplies, shopping trips, extra clothing, or just about anything else consumers bring with them.
      • Strapping system is simple and secure.
      • Added reflective tape keeps wheelchair users safe and visible up to 300 yards.

      • (800) 795-2392




      • The SoftWheel suspension system for manual wheelchairs comprises three shock absorbers located inside the wheel.
      • Translates into a rigid ride on flat surfaces for maximum stability, and compression to absorb impact on bumpy terrains for a cush-to travel easily over curbs, cobblestones and other rough surfaces without suffering major impact to their spines and backs.
      • Available in magnesium or aluminum models and are constructed as single-piece, rigid forms for added strength.

      • (877) 876-5332

      BlueSky Designs

      Mount n Mover

      Mount'n Mover

      Independent access to devices

      • The independently movable Mount’n Mover mounting system offers flexible, secure positioning of tablets, speech devices, phones, laptops, cameras and trays on tables or wheelchairs.
      • Highly customizable, the system can be easily adjusted as the child fatigues, changes environments or changes positions — and can be moved out of the way during transfers or when pulling up to a table or desk.
      • Helps promote independent access to communications and other devices at all times.

      • (888) 724-7002

      QuadshoX LLC

      QuadshoX Suspension Products

      QuadshoX Suspension Products

      • Kits are installed by simply removing the fixed axle assembly and replacing it with the QuadshoX system.
      • Can be added at the time of wheelchair assembly or can be retro-fitted to an existing chair.
      • Designed to reduce the pain and discomfort endured by people who use manual wheelchairs to navigate adverse terrain.
      • Reduces whole-body vibration by up to 25 percent.

      • (970) 581-8766