Customize My Ride

It’s your ride — show the world how you roll! From making a statement to making your days more efficient, these mobility accessories and options will make your ride unique.

Spinergy Inc.

ZX-1 Power Add On

ZX-1 Power Add-On Device

  • Converts virtually any manual wheelchair into a powered manual chair.
  • No tools or assistance to attach and detach from the device.
  • Joystick Controlled Device allows for ease of operation and is an intuitive device to learn and operate.
  • Has the ability to operate on a variety of surfaces including; gravel, hard pack, rocky terrain, thick grass, etc.
  • Weighs only 82 lbs. and fits underneath the wheelchair.

  • (303) 823-6299

Wheelchair Gear

Slice Jr. Mini Pack

Slice Jr. Mini Pack

  • Large zippered storage compartment carrying what you need within your reach. 
  • No more fumbling in pockets or grasping with homemade carrying devices.
  • Velcro straps on the back attaching your Mini Pack to your wheelchair is quick, easy and secure.
  • High quality 1200D/PVC material in Camo or Black.

  • (609) 653-6787

210 Innovations

Tab Grabber

Tab Grabber

  • Enables wheelchair users the interactive experience of a tablet computer or eReader without having to hold the unit.
  • Unique swivel head will adjust to any orientation for optimal viewing and interactive positioning.
  • Designed to mount to round tubing up to 1 1/8” diameter.

  • (860) 445-0210

Advantage Bag Company

Catch-All Too wheelchair bag

Catch-All Too

  • An under seat net designed to work with the Rigid Sports Wheelchairs.
  • Offers 6 point attachment for a secure fit.
  • Can be attached to the frame under the seat upholstery or any lower attachment sight.


    Wheel Brightz spoke lights

    Wheel Brightz

    • Make your wheels glow with a circle of spinning light!
    • 20 Micro LED lights create a ring of brilliant color that is sure to turn heads and grab attention.
    • Mix and match to create your own color combo.
    • Fits wheels 20" or larger.

    • (419) 517-0049

    ROHO, Inc.

    ROHO MOJO Designer Wheelchair cushion cover

    ROHO Mojo Desiner Cover

    • Personalize your cushion with the unique style to show case your personality!
    • 80% Nylon, 20% Lycra top cover, Snap closure
    • Fabric styles include: tiger, kaleidoscope, musical magic, on the beach, my teddy bear, watercolor, zebra and camouflage.

    • (800) 851-3449


    Wheelchair Grippers

    Wheelchair Grippers

    • Molded silicone boots that are placed around the hand rim.
    • Provides additional comfort and grip, helping to improve maneuverability of a wheelchair.
    • Robust design also helps to protect furniture from bumps and scrapes.

      Rolling Buddies

      Wheelchair Accents

      Wheelchair Accents

      • Enable kids to personalize and show off their rides.
      • Available in dozens of designs, are made of scratch- and UV-resistant Lexan with smooth edges for safety.
      • They’re attached via corrosion-resistant nylon 6/6 horseshoe hardware and Velcro fasteners.
      • Buy the accents individually or by the pair in sizes small (4.5x5"), medium (8x8.5") or large (16.5x16.25").



        • Propels a manual chair forward when the user pulls (similar to a rowing motion) on the handrim, and moves backwards when the user pushes.
        • Fewer propulsion strokes and improved posture with better shoulder/back positioning.
        • Available in 22", 24", 25" and 26" wheel sizes. 
        • Fits most manual wheelchairs and can be used with ergonomic handrims.

        • (608) 268-9670

        Diestco Manufacturing Corp.

        Unbreakable Cup Holders

        Unbreakable Cup Holders

        Whether you need your morning cup of coffee or your sports drink after the gym, Diestco’s unbreakable cup holders have you covered. Made of 600x300 polyester, these wheelchair cup holders can hold containers ranging in size from 1" in circumference to a 32-oz. sports drink bottle. The cord lock ensures that drink containers remain snugly secure. The cup holders can be attached in different positions, as you need.

        • (800) 795-2392