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Home is where your heart is – so these product solutions offer ways to make your favorite environment more convenient, comfortable and safe every day.

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Shower Stool

Shower Stool

This stool provides a stable seat in the bathtub or shower, but swivels 360° to make it easier to bathe and to reach for items. For safety, the stool also locks at 90° intervals to restrict swiveling motion. The padded, rotating top can be easily removed for cleaning. Includes a removable tray for storing personal items. The seat height adjusts in 1" increments from 16" to 23".

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multiCHAIR Series

multiCHAIR Series

Whatever the need — stationary or sliding, shower/tub system or commode — the multiCHAIR series has an answer. A unique leg-clamping design combined with the solid-feeling rigidity of a welded joint provide users with durability and security while using the products — but multiCHAIRS are also easily assembled and disassembled, even in small hotel rooms. Because they’re built to order, special requirements can be accommodated without the hassle of needing special or customized parts.

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Smirthwaite USA

Combi Toileting Chair

Combi Toileting Chair

Smirthwaite is focused on seating & positioning throughout a child’s day, whether the child is playing, learning, socializing, performing activities of daily living, or standing upright. The Combi Toileting Chair includes a potty, a commode seat, a seat pad and a pelvic strap, all standard.

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Rifton Equipment



Seen at the Abilities Expo in San Jose: Rifton’s multi-tasking Hygiene Toileting System (HTS) that seems to anticipate just about every activity that happens in the bathroom, just about every positioning requirement for special needs children, and just about every wish ever thought up by parents and caregivers. The HTS supports toileting, showering and bathing — including salon-style hair washing, thanks to up to 15° of rearward tilt. Take the HTS seating off the base and attach it securely to a toilet; roll the seating and the base over the toilet; or use the commode pan and the HTS functions as a stand-alone toilet. Accessories include seat and back pads, headrest, butterfly harness, anterior support/tray, lateral supports, hip guides, commode pan, deflector, abductor, ankle straps, calfrest and footboard. Choose the basic model or the fully accessorized one; choose the stationary, mobile (wheeled) or bathtub base.

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