Paralympics You Tube

Not Sure Where to Tune In For Paralympics Coverage?

The U.S. Olympic Committee has expanded coverage of the games online and on television, citing more coverage of this Paralympics than any previous year.

London Paralympics Banner

Going for Gold

Meet Team USA Athletes Competing in the 2012 London Paralympic Games

At the 2012 London Paralympic Games, a team of 133 men and 94 women from the United States will compete for gold in 19 sports.

N.C. Law Gives Patients Choice, Coverage of Physical Therapy

At the end of June, North Carolina passed legislation that will enable patients to choose their physical therapist and ensure physical therapy services are covered under health benefits plans.

National Senior Games Association Heads South

The National Senior Games Association has relocated to Kissimmee, Fla.

Pitt Grant to Fund Study of Improvements for Wheelchair Users

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (Pitt) and UPMC were awarded a $4.5 million grant to study improvements for people with spinal cord injury (SCI).

MS Everyday Matters Web site

MS Society: Every Day Matters

New program chronicles lives of five people living with MS and the influence of positive psychology on their overall well-being.

AAN Guideline Outlines Drug Treatments for Involuntary Movements in Huntington’s Disease

The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) has released a new guideline for treating chorea—uncontrollable jerky movements often experienced by people with Huntington’s disease.

Study: Blood Test Could Track ALS Progression

A new study shows that the earliest stages of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gherig’s disease might be detectable with a blood test.

Dandelion in sunshine

Tips for Managing Lymphedema During the Dog Days of Summer

Summer can be a trigger for pain and swelling in the arms and legs for people who have lymphedema. Fortunately, keeping this chronic condition in check during the hottest part of summer is possible, according to occupational therapists.


New Wheelchair Tennis Site Provides Insider Coverage

The tennis network INTENNIS has developed a dedicated section on wheelchair tennis.

Medicare infographic

Scooter Supplier Simplifies Medicare With Infographic created an infographic that puts the Medicare program into simpler terms.

AAPD Honors Work on Behalf of People With Disabilities

On July 26, the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) recognized four individuals and one business for their work supporting the community of people with disabilities.

New Center Offers Rehabilitation Targeted to Women

Montefiore Medical Center;s Women’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation will focus on gender-specific issues in spinal cord injury, among other services.

Arthritis Foundation Offers Tools for Juvenile Arthritis

The Arthritis Foundation wants children and caregivers to learn the signs and symptoms of juvenile arthritis.

Physician Explains Flaws in Medicaid’s Preauthorization Process

Physicians need clarity regarding documenting medical need for people who need power wheelchairs. To explain why, the American Association for Homecare (AAHomecare)reached out to Dr. Meg Allyn Krilov who practices rehabilitation medicine at Montefiore Medical Center and Premier HealthCare in New York.

Study: Gene Variants Could Predict Rate of Motor Decline in Parkinson’s

Researches at UCLA have uncovered two variants of a gene associated with Parkinson’s disease that could predict the progression of motor decline in people with Parkinson’s who possess the variants.

VP Biden, Sinise to Attend DAV National Convention

Disabled American Veterans (DAV) can count Vice President Joe Biden and Gary Sinise among its guests when it convenes for its 91st National Convention Aug. 4-7 at Bally’s Hotel in Las Vegas.

2012 Paralympic Games

U.S. Equestrian, Soccer Teams Finalized for 2012 Paralympics

Team USA has finalized its Equestrian and Soccer teams.

United Kingdom flag on track

Let the Games Begin!’s Guide to the London 2012 Paralympic Games

More than 200 athletes from the United States will compete.

NAHB Analysis Shows Even Geographic Distribution of People 55 or Older

According to a National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) analysis of government data, the geographic distribution of people 55 or older is fairly even across the country.