Caregiving Paper Dolls

Cut Out for Caregiving?

The Right Plan Can Allay Fears About Caring for a Loved One

No matter where you’re at on your caregiving journey, you’re probably bursting with emotions, fears and a burning question: Where do I go from here? Follow these five steps to get on the road to success and become the best caregiver you can be.

Fact Sheets Address Critical Caregiving Issues

Family Caregiver Alliance has released new fact sheets that touch on critical issues concerning long-term care.

Airline Employees Now Have Training Program on Wheelchair Service

Open Doors Organization (ODO) introduced the Aviation Access Certification Program in October to improve the quality of services of airline wheelchair service employees nationwide.

Carolines Cart

Shopping Cart for Kids With Special Needs Debuts in 7 States

Cart offers additional postural support and positioning.

High School Athletes Earn Paralympic All-American Designation

Fifty-three athletes have been named as U.S. Paralympics Track and Field High School All-Americans. Six of the high school athletes also competed in the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

Man pushing chair

To Propel or Not to Propel

Repetitive Use Injuries, Aging and Preventative Strategies

The amount of repetitive activity in propelling a manual wheelchair can put a person at greater risk for developing a repetitive use injury such as tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome or impingement.

Robert David Hall

NOD Turns 30

Organization Refocuses Efforts on Unemployment Among People With Disabilities

The National Organization on Disability (NOD) turned 30 in October. The organization, which represents all types of disabilities, celebrated by renewing its commitment to finding solutions for the employment gap for people with disabilities.

Project Vote Smart map

Vote Smart

Online Resources for Understanding Presidential Candidate Platforms

Curb cuts at Magee Community Skills Center

Real-World Rehab

Magee Community Skills Center Offers City Street Therapy

Magee’s community skills center, founded in 1994, now sees around 1,500 patients a day, regardless of weather.

Man choosing fruit from bowl on table

Enabled Life

From MyPlate to My Plan

Dieticians Outline Nutritional Priorities, Kitchen Tips and Menus to Get You on the Right Track

Smart nutrition choices are not hard to make as long as you know the basics.

Researchers Target MS in Inflammation Research

Study involves how immune system enzymes regulate immune cell activation and migration.

Studies Support Innovative Therapy for SCI

Innovative therapies for spinal cord injury aren’t just for show. According to new research, these therapies can yield significant functional improvements leading to a higher quality of life.