man in wheelchair on the beach

New Horizons

Traveling in a Wheelchair Can Be Challenging, But the Rewards Are Priceless

Accessible All-Wheel-Drive Sienna

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

VMI Launches Accessible All-Wheel-Drive Sienna

illustration of assistive technology with wheelchair and crutches

Technology to Keep Up with You!

Mobility devices designed to fit your life & lifestyle

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Mobility News

ACAA: What to Know Before You Fly

Some use two legs, some use two wheels, make walking an inclusive term!

Mobility News

#HowIWalk Seeks to Rebrand Walking

accessible parking

Mobility News

Should You Park Here?

Ongoing Campaigns Highlight the Challenges of Finding & Using Accessible Parking

policy update

Mobility News

Policy Update: Your Customized Wheelchair Needs Protection

And Your Wheelchair Cushion Does, Too

Stephanie Woodward

Wheelchair Policy

Not Seeing Eye to Eye with Medicaid & Medicare Services

Ben Leclair

Going Places

Ben Leclair: New Purpose in an Adventurous Life


Hello, Tomorrow!

Imagining How Robotics & Complex Wheelchairs Will Interact In The Future