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Paralympic Torch 2012

London Unveils 2012 Paralympic Torch

The most prominent feature of the 2012 Paralympic Torch is its mirrored finish, created so that its color will adapt to its surroundings.

Apartment and ramp

Is Accessible Apartment Living Possible?

Tips for Making Your Rental Mobility Ready

Learn what steps to take to make your apartment more accessible.


Enabled Life

Understanding Your Dental Options

Some Clinics Offer Expertise, Safety, Piece of Mind

Beyond access to the clinic, treatment for oral health presents a number of challenges for those with mobility disabilities. Dentists offer tips for getting the most out of your dental care.

Joseph Hallock

Sleep Deprivation in Children With Disabilities Affects the Entire Family

Tips for Improving the Sleep Environment

Consider these tips if your child is having trouble getting to sleep.

Rise Above book cover

Book Review

In ‘Rise Above,’ Braun Offers Challenge to Readers

Story of Ralph W. Braun is a compelling story of facing life's challenges.

Barrier-Free Shower from Liners Direct

Products for a Barrier-Free Home

A Roundup of 2012 Universal Design Offerings From the International Builders’ Show

Although the audience of this particular show is the home builder, many companies had plenty to choose from for the do-it-yourselfer. And if you’re in the market to hire a contractor to build your own accessible or universally designed space or upgrade your current space, it pays to be on top of the latest offerings in the market.

Checklist: How Is Your Seat Cushion Holding Up?

Look for signs of wear and tear before they affect your ride.

Brain Injury: Why Do Some Patients "Recover"?

Dr. Ricardo Komotar on what predicts the chances of recovery.


Enabled Life

How to Cope With a New SCI Injury

PVA Spokesman Outlines What Veterans Need to Know

The Mobility Project recently spoke with Sherman Gillums Jr., acting associate executive director of the Veterans Benefits Department at Paralyzed Veterans of America in Washington, D.C., about U.S. military veterans with new spinal cord injury (SCI). We wanted to know what unique challenges service members face when adjusting to life with SCI.


Conquest Adds Adventure to Wheelchair-Accessible Auto Options

Makers of Conquest target wheelchair users looking for a motorcycle.

Rosana and Domino


Meet Rosana and Her Service Dog Domino

Rosana talks about how her service dog helps her cope with mobility challenges.



Meet Lisa and Her Service Dog Timberly

Lisa talks about how her service dog helps her cope with mobility challenges.

Mark E. Smith

Are Funding Cuts “Landlocking” the ADA?

Mark E. Smith of Pride Mobility Products Corp. discusses the ADA and funding for equipment.

Getting Back in the Driver's Seat Following Amputation

Mobility dealers, driver rehabilitation specialists and adaptive automotive equipment can help people with amputations maintain their independence.

Airplane travel in a wheelchair

To Air Is Human

Taking to the Skies? Know Your Rights

Life After Amputation

Amber Fitzsimmons offers tips for getting back to everyday living after an amputation.

Scooter Questions You Can't Ignore

You might really want a red scooter, but don't forget to ask these important questions to get the right model and safety features.

Advocating in Washington: Make Your Voice Heard

John Gallagher and Seth Johnson outline etiquette and tips for working with your House rep or senator.

Choosing the Right Adapted Automotive Vehicle: What Do I Do First?

Buying an adapted vehicle requires consumers to do their homework.

Driving Solutions for On-the-Go Seniors

Occupational therapists and driver rehabilitation specialists offer tips for improving driving mobiilty.