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Senior lady with arm weight

Finding Your Fitness Niche

Understand Your Exercise Needs for Increased Health, Independence in the Golden Years

The Mobility Project offers tips on making the most out of your fitness regimen.

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Get Social

Consumers ‘Like’ Facebook, Blogs for Health Information

Staying healthy is a full-time job, and savvy consumers are using all of the tools available to them—including social media, says a Kansas State University researcher.

United Kingdom flag on track

Let the Games Begin!’s Guide to the London 2012 Paralympic Games

More than 200 athletes from the United States will compete.

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Election 2012

A Vote United

2012 Presidential Candidates Selected But Disability Platforms Still Unclear

The Mobility Project spoke to Paul Tobin, of the United Spinal Association, to get a nonpartisan perspective of where the presidential candidates stand on issues important to the community of people with disabilities.

Todd Anderson

A Field of Their Own

Minnesota Wheelchair Softball Teams Open First Field in Honor of the Late Todd Anderson

The celebration for Todd Anderson Field, Minnesota’s first competitive wheelchair softball field, is set for Aug. 9.

Pool lift

The Swim Is Near

Justice Department Sets New Deadline for Public Pools to Comply With New ADA Guidelines

Existing public swimming pools must comply with the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design by Jan. 31, 2013.

Child on handcycle

Tour de Force

Popularity of Handcycling Takes Adaptive Sports by Storm

Experts discuss how to get started in handcycling whether your goals are fun, freedom or competition.

Cristina Abreut

Growing Up With Cerebral Palsy

Cristina and Mark Share Stories and Advice From Their Childhoods

Two successful adults with cerebral palsy share their childhood memories.

American flag on military sleeve

Do You Qualify?

VMI’s Operation Independence Connects Veterans to VA Funding for Accessible Vehicles

If you’re a veteran considering purchasing a wheelchair-accessible vehicle but are fretting about the cost of the conversion, Vantage Mobility International (VMI) has a message for you: You might qualify for federal grants that would put you in a vehicle with no money out of pocket.

Eric Kolar and his dog Smuckers

Eric Kolar: Showcasing Life After Spinal Cord Injury

Anyone who would question the capabilities of someone with a spinal cord injury should get to know Eric Kolar.

Basketball Pedi-Wraps

How It Works

Pediatric Limb Immobilizers Offer Kinder Protection After Surgery discusses uses for pediatric limb immobilizers with Melinda Siwek, founder of The Medi-Kid Company.

Senior woman driving

Seniors: AAA Offers Tips to Improve Driving Safety

A recent American Automobile Association (AAA) poll found that nearly half of seniors worry about losing their freedom and mobility when the time comes for them to transition from driver to passenger. Fortunately, seniors can prolong their ability to drive by following just a few simple steps provided by the AAA.

Alice in Wonderland maze

MS in Wonderland

Navigating the Unpredictable Path of Multiple Sclerosis and Mobility

A diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) can make you feel a bit like “Alice in Wonderland.” How can you make a plan for navigating the mobility effects of such a variable disease if you and your doctor don't know what your body will do next? Find out what you need to know about mobility equipment now.

Mark Smith in rear-wheel drive chair

The Resurgence of the Rear-Wheel–Drive Power Chair

Mark Smith, the consumer research manager for Pride Mobility Products, discusses what’s old and new about rear-wheel–drive power chairs.

Seating the pelvis

The Trouble With Sitting

How a Good Seating and Positioning System Is Key to Independence and Quality of Life

The Mobility Project asked Susan Cwiertnia, PT, MS, clinical specialist at Varilite, to discuss the importance of proper seating and positioning.

Diabetes and healthy eating

Diabetes and Paralysis: Are You at Risk?

Addressing Risk Factors Through Healthy Eating, Exercise and Electrical Stimulation

Paralysis increases the risk for developing diabetes by three, according to University of Georgia researcher Dr. Kevin McCully.

Rare Diseases

Finding Someone Like Me

Understanding and Coping With the Challenges of Rare Diseases

Debra Richardson shares her story of finding a community for stiff person syndrome and how she started her own Web site to connect with others.

Man in wheelchair talking to physician

Time to Speak Up

Advocating for Your Healthcare Might Be the Smartest Thing You Ever Do

To get the most out of primary health care, people with mobility conditions must become active healthcare consumers. Find out how. A New Way to Cope With Spinal Cord Injury

Anne Hambleton, assistant director of the Hill Foundation, discusses the new Web site

Seating Diagram

The Secret Life of Mobility Providers

Understanding Your Mobility Equipment Fitting

Mobility providers discuss the process of fitting clients with a custom mobility system.