Sunrise Medical Launches Quickie Q700 M SEDEO PRO

Quickie Q700M Sedeo ProSunrise Medical has introduced the most configurable and easily adjustable mid-wheel-drive power wheelchair in its history.

Designed specifically for consumers with moderate to complex clinical needs, the Q700 M SEDEO PRO combines a highly adjustable seat frame with a wide range of positioning and support options.

The modularity of this power chair’s seating gives assistive technology professionals the ability to create and fine-tune the seating system to support every user’s individual needs. SEDEO PRO seating can also be adjusted easily to keep pace with progressive conditions.

Choose from four backrest options and a wide range of footrest options. JAY cushions and backs — which have been optimized to fit SEDEO PRO applications — can be added to meet complex positioning needs.

SEDEO PRO is paired with the Q700 M mid-wheel-drive power base, which offers independent movement of all six wheels for safe, confident crawling over obstacles and curb climbing up to 3".

Q700 M bases come standard with occupied transit tie-down brackets to make transportation easier.

Jeff Rogers, Sunrise’s Senior Product Manager/Power, said of the introduction, “The Q700 M with SEDEO PRO seating is the next generation in Quickie power wheelchairs. We wanted to take our seating to the next level with a highly adjustable, yet aesthetically pleasing system. The SEDEO PRO seating system is like nothing else Quickie has ever done before.”

See your Sunrise dealer or visit for more information.