Amylior Celebrates the Great Outdoors

Ben Leclair

Wakeboarder Ben Leclair has signed on as Amylior’s consumer ambassador.

You might know Quebec-based Amylior for its Amysystems power wheelchairs, Amyseat powered seating systems or new CG air-celled seat cushions. Now you can add “Earth advocate” to this manufacturer’s résumé.

In early 2019, Amylior announced it had partnered with Give Back to Nature to sponsor the planting of trees in areas of the world suffering from deforestation. For every power chair it sells, Amylior will sponsor the planting of a tree. For every Amylior power chair owner who registers his or her chair, Outdoorsthe manufacturer will sponsor the planting of 10 trees.

The goal of restoring deforested areas is to preserve wildlife habitats, to support local residents, and to combat climate change.

Pro Athlete Named Ambassador

To further promote its outdoor theme, Amylior has signed professional wakeboarder Ben Leclair as an ambassador.

Leclair sustained a serious spinal cord injury in November 2016. After multiple surgeries, he attacked his recovery regimen with the same ferocity he’d demonstrated as an elite athlete, eventually leaving his tracheostomy equipment behind.

As an Amylior ambassador, Leclair will support other power chair users and their families by sharing his experiences and ongoing adventures, which post injury have included frequent international travel, filmmaking and film editing.

On his YouTube channel, Leclair said, “No matter what limitations life throws at you, if you put time and effort into it, nothing’s impossible.”