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Wheelchair Relationship AdviceMany of the personal questions that Wheel:Life founder Lisa Wells hears revolve around relationships. Whether it comes to dating, families or friends, people who are new to using a wheelchair often struggle with reconnecting after a life-changing event like spinal cord injury or amputation.

That’s why Wheel:Life, an online community for wheelchair users worldwide ( has published Reconnecting: Relationship Advice from Wheelchair Users as a new e-book on Wheel:Life publications center on sharing resources and support for people who use wheelchairs.

Within the Reconnecting book, readers will enjoy the individual perspectives of seven wheelchair users who have addressed many of the issues that come up in personal relationships:

  • Ather Sharif connects with new friends on his college campus.
  • Eric Kolar connects through his passion for cars.
  • Thomas Morris connects with friends after his amputation.
  • Natalie Barnhard connects Wheels with Wings to serve others.
  • Chris Malcom connects new wheelchair users through the iPush Foundation.
  • Todd Robinson connects as a father to his adopted daughter.
  • Ashleigh Justice connects to other chair users as a mother…and a quad rugby player.