Fact Sheets Address Critical Caregiving Issues

If you’re a caregiver, especially a new caregiver, chances are you have some questions. Fortunately, the Family Caregiver Alliance has answers. The organization has released new fact sheets that touch on critical issues concerning long-term care.

"The fact sheets are used by families, service providers, researchers, policy experts, reporters and legislative staffs, and in healthcare and academic settings as well,” said FCA Executive Director Kathleen Kelly. “They were developed in response to needs we have seen in the community for clear, unbiased information about caregiving—a complex subject that touches nearly everyone and impacts public policy at all levels."

The publications are part of a library of more than 60 FCA fact sheets on topics related to family caregiving.

  • Selected Caregiver Statistics: statistical and demographic information on unpaid/family caregiving in the United States including the number of caregivers, age, relationships between caregiver and care recipient, gender, race, duration of care, impact on employment, economic value, stress on the family, access to support, and more.
  • Caregiving with Your Siblings: strategies to reduce stress and conflict, respond to expectations, share responsibilities and more. Available in Spanish and Chinese.
  • Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI): discusses the difference between MCI and Alzheimer's disease (AD) as well as other types of dementia and details advice on how to cope with memory loss and other challenges.
  • Legal Issues for LGBT Caregivers: for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people dealing with aging, caregiving and incapacity the provides an overview of creating an estate plan, durable powers of attorney and other legal information.
  • Special Concerns of LGBT Caregivers: plans for caring for domestic partners, friends or spouses; redefining family; and finding supportive health and service providers.

Get the fact sheets free at the FCA Web site.