Leveraged Freedom Chair Wins Innovation Award

Leveraged Freedom ChairFast Company has awarded the Leveraged Freedom Chair the 2012 Innovation by Design Concept Award.

Praised for its low-tech ingenuity, the Leveraged Freedom Chair by Continuum is designed to handle rough terrain. Continuum collaborated with Amons Winter and MIT’s Mobility Lab to come up with the design that costs $200 to manufacture so that the wheelchair would be more affordable for people in developing countries.

"The product is a great example of reverse innovation, whereby the constraints of the developing world have pushed innovation to make a cheaper, stronger and more efficient product for use anywhere in the world," said Jake Childs, a senior designer at Continuum who worked on the LFC Sport.

The newest version, called the LFC Sport, will be sold in western markets.

Watch Winter talk about the first 100 chairs in production.