Disability Orgs Applaud Supreme Court Ruling on Affordable Care Act

When the U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled to uphold the Affordable Care Act, disability organizations across the country praised the decision.

The ruling means Americans of all abilities will have access to affordable healthcare coverage. Specifically, the legislation requires those who are able to purchase insurance to do as a means of keeping costs down in the healthcare system. In addition, those who are not insured will receive coverage.

Here is what some organizations are saying about the ruling:

"To say that the Supreme Court's decision is monumental for the disability community would be an enormous understatement. It brings peace of mind to 22 million families who have loved ones living with significant disabilities and millions with chronic diseases." –Paul J. Tobin, United Spinal's president and CEO

"People with disabilities and their families have their lives dictated by the status of their health insurance. If a family with a child with a disability has insurance, that family typically will not change jobs for fear of losing coverage. The Supreme Court's ruling today tells these families they can make decisions about what is best for them as a family, and not be controlled by fear of losing health insurance coverage." – Katy Neas, Easter Seals’ senior vice president, government relations

“Whatever the pundits will say, this decision is a victory for all Americans. It means parents of a child with cancer won’t face bankruptcy paying for his treatments because of the insurance company’s lifetime cap. It means a woman with multiple sclerosis will receive the same health coverage as her colleagues who do not have a preexisting condition. It means more people with disabilities will be able to live full lives in our communities rather than nursing homes.” –Mark Perriello, American Association of People With Disabilities’ president and CEO