Arthritis Foundation Releases New Ease-of-Use Label

Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use logoA new label is making it easier for people with arthritis to identify products to help them with everyday tasks.

This summer, retail stores and pharmacies nationwide will roll out more than 100 products sporting the Ease-of-Use logo. The products, which have been tested by a team of scientists at Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) and evaluated by people with arthritis and other physical limitations, include grocery and office supplies, gardening tools, cooking utensils, exercise equipment, medication and other health aides.

“The Arthritis Foundation’s goal is to help people live active, pain-free lives,” said Rick Bell, managing direct of Cause Development with the Arthritis Foundation. “We want them to know that products bearing the Ease-of-Use symbol can help them do just that.”

The icon is an encircled version of the Arthritis Foundation’s active person logo.

In addition to choosing products with the Ease-of-Use logo, the Arthritis Foundation offers these tips for selecting arthritis-friendly products:

  • Look for products that can make your most difficult daily tasks easier.
  • Select products with texture that are easy to care for and safe to use.
  • Lightweight products are essential for cleaning and kitchen tools.
  • Choose products that are easy to open and close with features such as flip-top caps, zippers and larger, easy-to-open lids.
  • Find items that are comfortable to wear, carry or operate, such as products that can be carried close to the body to alleviate pressure on the arms, hands and back.

Click here for a full list of products.