VGo and United Cerebral Palsy Team Up on Robotic Telepresence


VGo helps people interact with people and move around a remote location without actually being there. Photo courtesy of VGo Communications, Inc.

VGo Communications and United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) have partnered to define and deliver accessibility enhancements to VGo's voice-activated remote robotic telepresence driving controls.

"We saw what VGo was doing for homebound students and realized that with some usability enhancements, VGo could be a dramatic life altering tool for many people with disabilities," said Stephen Bennett, UCP President and CEO. "Imagine the opportunities and quality of life improvements for people who currently cannot go places because their disability prevents access or makes it too expensive. UCP is excited to be working with VGo to make this technology available to people with disabilities so they can live life without limits."

VGo’s product actually replicates an individual’s presence in a distant location so that they can interact and work. The technology enables the user to be seen and heard and to see and move around as if they were at the remote facility.

Find out more about VGo here.